Meet the characters

Knight is a fierce fighter who is fast with his blade, and faster with his feet. Trained under a rival king's army for 8 years, he decided to turn the tables after the king executed his parents, humble bakers, for a mild imbalance in the salt level of his Highness' special loaf. At that point, he grew a liking towards regicide and knew he had found his true calling. Since then, he's been going up and down the country, killing kings as he sees fit, and has never looked back. But there's the one king who rules them all, and he still lives in his grand and thoroughly guarded castle. Knight knows it won't be easy, but killing this king will bring him ultimate fame.

Mage is a master of the dark arts; she could summon lightning spells in her sleep. Born with magical abilities, she became an outcast in the king's society and resorted to lurked in the kingdom's shadows with her parents. Yet one fateful day, they lurked a little too close for comfort. A citizen caught them out and alerted the king, who immediately executed both of Mage's parents, with Mage narrowly escaping her own demise. From that point on, she knew she would not stand for the mistreatment of her kind and set her mind on hunting down the top dog himself. She didn't let anything stop her, and certainly wasn't going to let some arrogant Knight mess with her schemes. She plans on finding the king first and unleashing her true magical capacity on him, turning him into a frog and then exploding him into a million pieces.

Get Knightboy and Magegirl Do the Cool Stuff Together Like Fighting Each Other To The Death And Running Around On Platforms

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