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A 2d geometric hacking minigame to take down the mega corporations of cyberpunk city.

Q or OFire
Right Mouse Button Drag + ReleaseAim and fire (with velocity)When you release right mouse button it shoots in the direction you were dragging, at the drag velocity.


A futuristic cyberpunk city at night time with tall skyscrapers and neon lights. The levels are “dark mode” with dark walls and floors. Neon color accents are visible to direct the player.


The mega city is controlled by mega corporations. The player is a black hat hacker that wants to take down the corporations. He must go from tower to tower and hack into them. Each tower has stronger network defences than the last. Once he has gained access to the top levels of the corporation he can take it down and restore freedom.


In the hacking minigame the camera is a top down view stationary to the player’s position. The player is a neon red rectangle. The player moves and rotates, then shoots a gun. The projectile is a grey rectangle. Enemies are regular 2d shapes. They can move randomly around the level and shoot red projectiles towards the player. The level is completed when the player has shot down all the enemies. If the player takes too many hits, he must restart the level.

Source Code: https://gitlab.com/factorygame/futuregame/cyberpunkshooter


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