The last thing you remember is the maze. After taking right turns, left turns and circling back round, you became utterly lost. The shrubbery seemed to stretch its branches upwards and the daylight began to fade. You realised the last thing you ate was a portion of fries at the maze cafe.

You called for help, but everyone had left the compound. Hopeless, you sat in the wet mud and closed your eyes. Moments later, a witch appeared and cast a spell to paralyse your body and expell your vital energies.

When you awake, a strange green hue blinds you. Struggling to move a single bone, you see nothing but a glimpse of three hazy figures in the distance. You slowly and tediously make step after step towards them when one starts to speak.

You died! Now you have to navigate a spooky maze with limited sight to escape purgatory and secure a place in the afterlife.


You can use the included Keypad 8462 or WASD to move.

You can use the included Keypad 5 or E to interact.

Mobile Users

It may be preferable to play at this link to allow for zooming in smaller devices:

Source Code

Feel free to view the full source code for this project:

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Made withThree.js
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast

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